Friday, July 15, 2011

Which way round matters?

I have found that on single page sketches I like to sketch on the right hand page - probably because I am righthanded - so my sketchbook looks like this!

A sketch from Heidelberg

It's been one of those weeks - lots of good intentions to do lots of things and sabotaged by events beyond my control. I hate it when that happens! Better luck next week!

Weekend plans to paint, sketch and generally be arty. Wish me luck!


Shalini said...

Actually.. quite interesting.. they have a groovy feel to them - don't you think so?

Michael Bailey said...

That's a clever idea, I might give that a try! Lovely pencil work Anita. Hope you DO get to sketch and paint this weekend and your intentions don't get sabotaged again - Good luck :O)

Pat said...

Beautiful sketches - look forward to seeing more :) xx