Friday, July 1, 2011

Lunchtime Matters

I only get a 30 minute break for lunch which is hardly time to turn round and I usually have lunch with him indoors but Wednesdays he goes to lunch with some of his employees so this week I determined rather than eating at my desk I would sketch for 30 minutes. Lesson 1 - don't choose somewhere that is very complicated to sketch in 30 minutes - it isn't going to happen! So Thursday and Friday I ended up back in the same place finishing it up. And still ate at my desk!

Finally decided on a new sketchbook - will report back once it arrives and is tested.

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Michael Bailey said...

Hi Anita. This is a beautifully drawn sketch. Glad you found the time to do it. I work flexitime but generally only take 30 mins too, but to find anything vaguely inspiring would mean a 10 min walk in any direction from the mindless industrial estate where I work. Looking forward to reading about your new purchase :)