Saturday, May 21, 2011

Head, foot , whole body matters

Played with more heads today - getting to grips with proportions. And played with a foot before doing some timed 5 mintue head sketches of him-indoors, who hates to pose for me (but as he has done nothing but complain about my not doing any art for months he could hardly say no). Sweetheart! Went on to do a half-hour sketch. Having played all day today at not going out to sketch in the beautiful spring weather, I do feel that I made up for it this evening.

One thing that I did do this afternoon was sort out my art materials and found that I owned about a dozen watercolour pencils (right had page) and rediscovered the Derwent Graphitint (left hand page) pencils that I bought years ago and have never used. Interesting to see the difference between them. The Graphititints have a very muted colour when dry that just explodes into colour when wet, whereas the watercolour pencils have good colour dry and wet. I must play with them a bit as I think these would be wonderful to take out on sketching trips - when I find the courage to venture out!


Anonymous said...

Very nice to see you back at it.

Michael Bailey said...

Fabulous sketches as always, Anita. Graphitints are really nice but be aware that some of the colours are fugitive.

Stacy said...

So nice to see you doing some art again. I've missed your beautiful work!

Anita said...

Robin - dipping in my toes just to get used to the temperature before I dive in!

Michael - thank you for the tip about the graphitints.

Stacy - thank you - very sweet of you to say so.