Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunlight Matters

It's officially confirmed - not that I didn't know it all along - I don't like drawing trees. Which means I am going to have to draw a lot more of them to get over the hatred. Because I do rather like trees. In my defence, these aren't particularly interesting trees - their shapes aren't interesting and neither are their leaves.

The sun shines on the end wall of this block of flats opposite my kitchen window and the yellow wall lights up with the most beautiful glow in the evening sunlight. I may not have any view at all from any of my windows but there are moments in the day when it is quite nice to look out of the windows.


Michael Bailey said...

Nice CP sketch, Anita. I'm the opposite at the moment - I love trees but desparately trying to get away from drawing and painting them !

Anita said...

Michael - you need to give me some tree tips - I am hopeless at them.