Friday, May 27, 2011

Preparation Matters

So we are preparing to head off on holiday this weekend - Sunday. Heading south to Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria for a week. Packing up my pencils, pens, some watercolours and hoping to get some serious sketching in. Mind you looking at the weather forecast I think this might be wishful thinking. Rain, rain and more rain - and this is after positively months of only having the occasional dribble. How can that possibly be? Oh I know, it's Murphy's law!

I am going to take with me a couple of new books in case we never get to leave the hotel. And of course camera and lenses for those amazing panoramic views I hope to see of the Bavarian Alps.


Michael Bailey said...

Looks like you've got enough reading matter there to get you through whatever the weather - not looking too clever here in the UK either so looks like I'll be decorating rather than sketching :(. Have a great time!

Michael Bailey said...

Oops. And your sketch is lovely too!

Billie Crain said...

How lucky you are to be able to travel. I hope the weather cooperates but that reading material looks awfully tempting.

vivien said...

rain is interesting to draw or paint - just so long as you find somewhere warm and dry to paint from :>)

Have you got any of John Blockley's books? I still find him inspirational - they are out of print but turn up on ebay and Amazon, second hand.

Anita said...

Thank you, Michael. Hoping to get some nice weather to at least get some good photo ops of the Alps.

Billie - It is a definite plus to the lifestyle! We are only going 4 hours from where we live this time.

Vivien - There is even some snow! :-0
I do have one, or maybe two, John Bockley's books but it is in storage. My mother bought me some watercolours years and years ago and gave me a couple of how to books at the same time. Think it was for my 30th birthday - eeeek that really was a long time ago!