Saturday, June 25, 2011

Street Matters

Mixed media of watercolour pencil, watercolour, pencil and pen.

Frankfurt is really not one of the most beautiful cities of the world. But there are little corners that are quirky and interesting. I'm going to aim to get out to sketch once a week - in theory anyway!

I'm having trouble with my sketchbook. I've been using the basic Moleskines but really don't like the way the watercolour treats the paper and have found that it can bleed through to previous/next pages. After doing some research and not being able to get the sketchbook I wanted outside of the UK (why do Canson only sell that type in the UK?) I asked some very knowledgeable sketchbook artists and have been recommended to try the Moleskine watercolour book (which I see now comes in a larger size) and their Japanese sketchbook which has accordion pages which sounds like a wonderful format. So I am going to order one of each to test drive.


Michael Bailey said...

Lovely colours and curves in those buildings ! Sketchbooks are a nightmare. Don't like waxy moleskines for anything other than pen but the watercolour ones are quite nice. Great Art sell Canson HP landscape - they're based in the UK, warehouse ironically in Germany! If you're stuck I can always send one on to you :)

vivien said...

I love the hard back Canson watercolour sketchbook (red cover)

- the moleskine watercolour books are ok - I bought a folio A3 one but apart from a test page to see how it behaves, haven't given it an outing yet.

Both behave very well with coloured pencil used over watercolour to add glazes or push details

It's good to see you working again like this :>)

Anita said...

Michael - I read somewhere yesterday that if you ever find a sketchbook you really like you should buy dozens because without a doubt they will stop making them!

Vivien - that is the sketchbook that I am looking for but they don't do the hardback bound version anywhere but the UK. Think I will end up ordering them and having them shipped to my daughter to send to me.

Thank you both for the encouragement!