Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back to the Sketchbook!

It's been a long time since I have played with my sketchbooks but I have the bug again. I've been intrigued for a while with creating a visual journal. This idea was sparked a long time ago on reading "Five Quarters of the Orange" by Joanne Harris. It seems it is now quite the trend and I found my interest reawakened lately. So here are the first few entries in my sketchbook which are a mixture of personal items and pages from "Every day in May".
I always wanted to be a patissiere!
A sketch from a meeting at work with ballpoint pen.
From my sketchbook of our Danish Holiday that I have just started working on! I took my paints with me and didn't even open them - so this is a retrospective!
A postcard of an area dear to my heart, Glastonbury Tor. If I could anywhere home, it would be this corner of England.


vivien said...

what a lovely start I especially like the boat

Robyn Sinclair said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who takes my paints on holiday and doesn't open them. When you get home and do open them, magic happens.!
I must say I'm drooling over the pastries sketches.


glad you are back to sketching anita ..beautiful pages ....your last graphite portrait is superb

Anita said...

Thankyou, Vivien!! You are always so encouraging!

Robyn - definitely you are not alone. I go with the best intentions but its a little hard to make the other half sit and wait while I doodle!

Jane - thank you!!!