Monday, May 14, 2012

Outside sketching

In fear and trembling I ventured out yesterday,armed with my sketchbook, camera and husband for protection. First stop was to sketch a spot that we pass on our way to work. Rather strange, very angular, striped building that has always caught my eye.
Yesterday's Every Day in May subject was "Something that blows in the wind."
I love dandelions and remember blowing them to tell the time as a child. I have ideas to maybe do this as a large drawing.


Michael Bailey said...

I can't believe a great artist like yourself is nervous of sketching in the open air! It's nice to see you got past your fears and gave us two lovely sketches to prove it!

vivien said...

lovely cool, clean urban landscape and dandelion clocks are fun :>)

no need for nerves

Anita said...

Michael - what an incredibly sweet thing to say. Truth is being out in public absolutely terrifies me! But you must face all your fears to conquer them!

Vivien - Thank you!