Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily Sketches

I've continued with the daily sketches this week from Every Day in May - so here they are! Not in the right order!
Something with Wings (it did have before it died!)
A spoon with memories (I plan to rewrite the poem in ink when I get to grips with calligraphy!)
An egg carton
A brown paper bag
An Apple
Buttons (button mushrooms)
Looking at these altogether there is a distinct lack of colour going on and as this rather challenges the idea that this was supposed to push me out of my comfort zone! So next week - colour!! My Lamy Safari fountain arrived along with Noodlers lexington Grey Ink and I hope to get out and try some Urban Sketching. I'm rather hoping it might free up my tendency to tight drawings.


Judy said...

Amazing sketches, Anita, very good!


superb sketches anita ..i like the touch of colour with the B/W

Robyn Sinclair said...

Very yummy drawings, Anita. Good luck with your Lamy and the Lexington Grey. Very much looking forward to seeing what you make of it.