Friday, June 24, 2011

Cool Matters

I'm not sure if its just because I am British, but air-conditioning, what is that about? Him indoors is American and to him air-conditioning is essential. Over the years I have learned that if the heating isn't on then the air should be. I just don't get it! Why not open the windows? OK, I get it sometimes. When we lived in Saudi Arabia and the temperatures were in the high 40s C, it was bliss. But really, we live in Northern Europe - do we really need it?

So each year it gets hot (briefly) and the air-conditioning units are whipped out and all connected which involves funny window sealing system, bubble wrap (to insulate from the outside noise), and a lot of tape and then the weather gets cold and we never even switch it on! Meanwhile it sits in our bedroom and glowers at me so to appease it, I drew it's portrait! (And yes, I know, I need to put some clothes away!)


Michael Bailey said...

Yeah, ban air conditioning: noisy, disease-spreading, unecological air conditioning. Bring back windows, silent, life-bringing, 100% efficient windows. Right, moan over; fabulous drawing !

Anita said...

Preferably windows that open outwards! I have lovely big windows here in Germany but they open inwards - what is the point of that?

Michael Bailey said...

Quite right too. My wife would love openy-inny windows because they're easier to clean/paint. Fantastic, that's the window cleaner's and painter's problem. Damn that's me ... but I like openy-outy windows because that's how they are supposed to be, isn't it ;-)