Thursday, June 23, 2011

Studio Matters

I bought this easel a few years ago with the idea that it would be just the thing for plein aire - only it is near to impossible to set up, the catches don't hold and the whole thing threatens to collapse on me every time I assemble it. Him indoors dug it out last week and put it up and despite tightening every possible knob in sight with pliers it still has a tend to list drunkenly after a while. How I long for my beautiful full size studio easel which languishes in storage!

This sketch makes it look like I have ample room to paint - in truth the easel is squeezed between my computer and a bed! Not exactly conducive to producing masterpieces!


Michael Bailey said...

I love your pen work Anita. Is this a French easel - a Julian perhaps ? I'd love to have one but it would have to be lightweight yet still sturdy which is probably going to make it impossible to find :)

Anita said...

I wish it was a Julian - maybe it wouldn't be so collapsible! It's called the "Travelling Monet" and is supposed to come with wheels but I can't remember where I put them so it's rather immobile now!