Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sofa Matters

As I said recently, I bought several books lately and have been delving in and out of the pages of all of them, fluttering around and not really getting anything from them at all. So I decided today that I have to focus more, and am picking one book to start with and will not pick up the next until I finished that one. Now of course faced with the decision of which book to read!

The antsy unsettled feeling seems to have followed me all day and I couldn't get settled down to anything, couldn't sit still or focus. I all but had to nail my feet to the floor to force myself to draw anything. Stepped out of my comfort zone with a pen and no eraser which forced me to slow down and really look at proportions to try to get them right the first time. Not sure I did that entirely but feel relatively happy with the result.


Michael Bailey said...

Sofa, so good! Sorry, couldn't resist that :P. Yes, it's very dangerous to buy more than one book at the same time. I sometimes end up reading them in parallel, or worse still not finishing any of them :( This is a truly really fabulous sketch Anita. I love pen and it's such a great way of being bold and losing the prop of an eraser. Ball point pen especially is great for really losing your inhibitions.

Shalini said...

Lovely sketch! Your sofa looks real!
Books; I have the same trouble too.. I rent up too many for me to keep a track of or to read! The problem is that all the rental-holds materialize around the same time, and then it is time to return them sometimes even before I have read 20 pages!!! :):)

Robyn Sinclair said...

Lovely confident pen sketch, Anita. Of course I can't imagine why a draftsperson as talented as you wouldn't be confident. Now is it ballpoint or Pigma or fountain pen?

As for books. In recent times a 'certain person' has insisted the bedside lamp be turned out immediately, so my unread books are piling up. I glow in the dark, reading from my iPod touch. ;)

Sadami said...

Hi, Anita,
Your drawings are so interesting!! But take it easy and have a wonderful weekend.
Cheers, Sadami

Anita said...

HAHA Michael! I used to draw entirely with ballpoint but had rather got used to having a pencil in my hand.

Shalini - Thank yoU!

Robyn - it's a Uniball Micro pen that my husband picked up at some conference. I have that problem too with him indoors so I go to bed half an hour before him just to ensure I get to read!

Sadami - thank you. Have a good weekend yourself. We have three days off as Monday is a German holiday - wooohooo art time!

christina said...

this is just awesome!!!! I think I commented on this on Flickr but I'll comment again cause I love it!! lol

Tahirih said...

I had that day today, too! I couldn't focus at all. I had great intentions of starting a painting, but just flipped through art books, searching for inspiration which never came. At least you got a sketch done, and a great one at that. Beautiful work!