Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inside Matters

What a futile day! Made myself get out my pastels and attempt to do a drawing but with absolutely hopeless results! So back to my sketchbook doodlings. Having started this I was totally overcome by the confusion on my dining table and decided that I would be better occupied tidying up the mess(hence the gap in the middle of the picture) but I didn't do that either - maybe once I have tidied up, I might complete this sketch.

And a little portrait doodle just to wind up the day.


Michael Bailey said...

That's so ingenious, artistic license allows us to add and remove anything from our work, inluding the clutter in our homes! I really like the loose pen work on the portrait. Don't give up on the pastel - I know you can do it and look forward to seeing some more :)

Anita said...

There are definite benefits to keeping your artistic license valid! :-) Pastels are still beating me!