Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thought Provoking Matters

Today I am not posting my own sketches.

We went to Dachau - an experience I can't say I relished but one that I thought was something that everyone, given the opportunity, should have, lest those that died should have died in vain.

The weight of history was extremely heavy in the air and I was a little torn with feeling the need to take photographs to pass on to others who would not have this opportunity and the horrible feeling that it was making light of something so incredibly awful.

In the museum were posted a few sketches by inmates and I have decided to add these here as my memorial to those who died in such horrible circumstances that I hope none of us will ever bear witness to again.


Stacy said...

Anita, I visited Dachau during a 5 week trip to Germany in college. You descibed it so well when you said history was heavy in the air. The energy of all the horrible things that happened there hasn't left the place. Our bus full of college students was silent for a long time after leaving there.

Jeanette said...

I too think it should be a must visit for everyone. If only to ensure that we work so very hard to prevent something similar happening again.

Very touching images.

Michael Bailey said...

These places are records of the truly disturbing and unforgivable errors of mankind and are there to make sure we never forget nor ever allow them to happen again.

Anita said...

Stacy - I was surprised by the quiet, even with all the people who were there. And the air felt heavy.

Jeanette - I found the sketches the most emotive items displayed there. They really expressed what the prisoners were feeling.

Michael - would that it could never happen again, but knowing mankind .....