Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Landscape Matters

When I went to art school I was thrown into a world of very concept heavy art and after a term of producing work that was supposed to be heavy with symbollic meaning I was ready to quit. So I formed up to the head tutor and told him that I really didn't think art was for me. He asked me what I wanted to do and said "Paint landscapes", firmly believing that he would throw me off the course for saying anything quite so heretical. Instead he told me go and out and paint landscapes. I think it still my greatest love. It's the art I tend to hang on my walls and the art that speaks to me most. Doing these mini landscapes reminded me why. I love the contours and the abstract shapes within the landscape, the shifting colours during the day, the changing light and shadows. I am resolved to do more of what I love!


Michael Bailey said...

I'm with you on this Anita. To paint, draw, write software, or to do absolutely anything with conviction you have to actually like doing it. Landscapes are what I like most of all too because that is where I like to be most of all :)

Michael Bailey said...

Whoops, sorry Anita. Mighty fine sketches too. I love to see sketchbook pages like this. I like the high view point in the bottom left one. You see, Germany is green and pleasant too!

vivien said...

Go for it!

It's my first love as well - I love the changing light and colour, the patterns, the atmosphere of places - all of it. :>)

it will be interesting to see you start a new series

Pat said...

Found you through Michael - and what a lovely blog you have. I'm now following :)

oh and art school *rolls eyes* When I went all I wanted to do was paint in watercolour and we had to do everything but, it seemed to me. After the "found items" collage, I was near ready to quit! :lol:

Judy said...

I love your sketches! And these small landscapes are great!

Anita said...

Michael - Absolutely! And you are right that Germany is also green and pleasant but not quite home.

Vivien - every time I see your work I am reminded of what I started out to do but got sidetracked!

Pat - Thank you! With art school it was the sitting in my wardrobe and then having to produce something that reflected my feelings - which were mainly that I hated all my clothes!

Judy - thank you!